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About Us

It’s been 19 years since Cuba’s Cookin’ opened its doors here in Aruba. Since that time I have returned to the “big” island a host of times to keep up with family and friends. I’ve also sought out new paintings and photographs for our restaurant’s walls and the collection now includes many fabulous pieces!

I feel it has become my mission to bring the hospitality, art, music and, now, dance of Cuba to Aruba. The history of the compatibility of these two islands goes way back to the turn of the century when many Arubans went to Cuba in search of opportunities. What many of them found was backbreaking work in the sugarcane fields. Many of those Arubans also married and returned to their homeland with Cuban wives, strengthening those deep ties between the big and the small islands.

Douglass Markus, Cuba's Cookin' ProprietorIn my years as proprietor of Cuba’s Cookin’ I have had a great time meeting so many of you and sharing our love of this rich culture: a love for dance, traditional Cuban music – salsa, bolero, cha-cha-cha – and, of course, the great food and art!

Please come and join us for breakfast, lunch or dinner featuring our fabulous music nightly. Dance and enjoy some truly thrilling moments that only this culture has to offer.

Tropical Cuban Regards,

Douglass Markus