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Jul 18, 2021Rosalinda DeLucia

My sister eats here every year on her yearly trips to Aruba. This was my family’s first time and they did not disappoint. Great food, music and dancing. Thank you Cuba’s Cookin and Collyn

Mar 16, 2020Denise Horstman

With a heavy heart, I must cancel our dinner reservations for 3/20 and 3/29. After the pandemic, we will plan another trip to Aruba as soon as we can. :-(

Jul 29, 2019Douglass

Hi Teresa,
See you guys at the beginning of September. don’t forget to reserve with time and # in the party!
see you soon,

Jul 29, 2019Teresa Dick

Hello Douglass,
We are returning to Aruba in September for our 6th time. We travel every other year to this beautiful island and always have dinner at Cuba’s Cookin’. Sometimes we stop in twice during those trips! Our group is very much looking forward to an amazing dinner so see you soon!

Jun 5, 2019Douglass

Hi Kathleen, What a lovely note. Yes longevity and consistency are extremely rare, particularly in the hospitality business. Look forward to seeing you and your daughter soon. Make sure to come over and say high to me.

Jun 4, 2019Kathleen Katzenstein

Hi Doug! My name is Kathleen and my husband Steve. We came here 19 years ago when you first opened Cuba’s Cooking. We played a round of golf with you and your wife Cathy. You invited us to your restaurant and we came 3 times during our one week trip. Steve and I still own Sidelines Grille in Atlanta and it’s doing well. Isn’t longevity in your chosen business a great thing? My daughter and I are visiting Aruba this week and I told her we have to come to Cuba’s cooking and here we are! Here’s to your continued success and we wish you nothing but the best.

Oct 3, 2018Douglass

Thanks Jenny, we enjoyed the celebration too! It makes us all happy to sharein other’s joy. Best, Douglass

Oct 3, 2018jenny charran

Thank you for an amazing dinner and service.
And for making our son Chris feel so special for celebrating his birthday on a Monday evening.

Oct 17, 2017Douglass

You are so welcome Tara!

Oct 17, 2017Tara

Thank you Douglass!

Oct 4, 2017Douglass

Hi Tara,
You are an extremely lucky woman! I did a search on my computer for you and although quite old…I found what you want. So here you go. Happy cooking and eating and when you come back next year, let me know how your results were.

Marinade (enough for about 15 chicken pieces)

1 bottle white wine (cooking wine so it doesn’t have to be good quality)
1 cup brown sugar
4 cloves garlic (minced)
1 regular store size jar green olives stuffed with pimentos (you dump in the entire jar with the water and all)
1 ½ tsp. black pepper
½ tsp. mustard powder
2 tbs. tamari or soy sauce or if you have neither use some salt.

Mix marinade. Cut up chicken pieces and then add to marinade and let soak for about 6 hours (no more than 10 no less than 4hrs.)

Take chicken pieces out and arrange in a casserole dish –skin side up. Take olives out of marinade and arrange around the chicken pieces. Pour enough marinade on the chicken to cover the pieces by 2/3rds. You don’t want to cover the chicken completely because then it won’t brown. Bake for about 1 hour at 350. Baste every 15 minutes or so with the liquid in the pan. This helps to get the chicken to brown nicely. If at the very end you want the chicken browner – just run under a broiler for a few moments. Be careful because it burns easily because of the sugar.

Oct 4, 2017Tara

Hello! I just got back from my first visit to Aruba!! I have been craving the Chicken and Olives!! I cant find it anywhere here!! Would it be possible to get the recipe?! PLEASE!! Ill be visiting again next year, but I cant wait that long!

Sep 23, 2017Kimberley loverti

I was was wondering if your chief would share your pollo con aceitunas recipe?? I just got home and I’m trying to find a recipe in English ☹️, it’s not going well!
Obviously I highly recommend it!!

Aug 1, 2017Caryn & Bruce Shifrin

Hi Douglass

We made reservations for 3 persons for tomorrow at 7 pm with Coleen (spelling) -say hi to herbfrom us as we won’t see her at dinner- through Phoenix for our second night and are looking forward to seeing you, Adrianna and others. Our son came in this past weekend and is staying this week. Expecting a great night as usual.

Jul 17, 2017Douglass

See you tonight.

Jul 17, 2017Caryn & Bruce Shifrin

Made 7pm reservations tonite with Brenda. See you tonite!!

Jul 17, 2017Douglass

Hi Bruce & Caryn….no rest for the weary….see you tonight.

Jul 17, 2017Caryn & Bruce Shifrin

Hi Douglass

We just arrived in Aruba the other night from California and after reviving from lack of sleep we are ready to return to Cubas Cookin. Hope to be by tonite.

Apr 24, 2017Barry Levine

Hi Douglass,

Nita and I have been to Aruba 5 times since 2000 and have dined at Cubas Cookin every visit…Love the food and music!!…We are looking forward to being there next Friday 6pm for dinner with the Maduro’s who I became friends with after running the Aruba Boulevard 10K five times…Running again this year…

Barry Levine

Feb 28, 2017Douglass

Hi Joanne,
Unfortunately the Cuban Cabaret Show stopped and returned to Cuba 3 years ago. What we have now is just the best Cuban band we’ve ever had in our 19 year history at Cuba’s Cookin’. Every evening people just get up and start dancing to them….that’s how good they are!
Hope to see you soon,

Feb 26, 2017Joanne jordan

Just wondering which nights you have cabaret dinner show as pictured in picture gallery

Dec 5, 2016Douglass

Hi Flora,
Just received your request now. Yes, we will book you for 6:30pm for the entire family of 17 and yes we will have a band playing live for you starting at 7pm sharp. all the best and see you soon.

Dec 5, 2016Flora Rosefsky

A family return visit to Aruba would not be the same without enjoyng an evening and delicious dinner with music at Cuba’s Cookin! I wasn’t sure I got the reservations right online, so I want to be sure you got it all ok – with 17 of us coming, to sit indoors, 2 tables are ok for Mon. Jan. 2nd 9 adults at one, and 8 grandkids at the other table – ages from 4 years old up to 20 years old.Mostly teenagers. We will be celebrating my husband’s 80th birthday withour 4 children, spouses, and 8 grandkids! You are at the top of our list of favorite places to get together. Happy Holidays! Feliz Navidad. Want to be sure too, that the singer and music will be there during the earlier dinner time. If not, let me know. Thanks!

Dec 5, 2016Flora Rosefsky

A family return visit to Aruba would not be the same without enjoyng an evening and delicious dinner with music at Cuba’s Cookin! I wasn’t sure I got the reservations right online, so I want to be sure you got it all ok – with 17 of us coming, to sit indoors, 2 tables are ok for Mon. Jan. 2nd 9 adults at one, and 8 grandkids at the other table – ages from 4 years old up to 20 years old.Mostly teenagers. We will be celebrating my husband’s 80th birthday withour 4 children, spouses, and 8 grandkids! You are at the top of our list of favorite places to get together. Happy Holidays! Feliz Navidad. Want to be sure too, that the singer and music will be there at 6:30pm or by 7pm.

Aug 22, 2016Nagg Pai

Thanks for all you do Douglass!

Jun 13, 2016Douglass

Sorry I missed you guys. Hope you still had a wonderful time.

Jun 10, 2016Koehnke family

Douglass, we have visited Cubas Cookin every visit to Aruba…we think we are up to 7. You have seen our children since infants… I saw your history pictures from the old location. We have a picture of our daughter Sinclair playing maracas with El Gordo y la Flaca… Real cute! If you wish to see it, we can e-mail. We visit tonight at 7pm. Looking forward to our dinner! Stacey and George Koehnke.

Dec 1, 2015Douglass

Hi Guys,
All being well I should be her on the 7th.
See you soon,

Dec 1, 2015Alison Harris Mayas

Hi, Doug, Jean-Marie & I are hoping we’ll get to see you when we’re in Oranjestad on Jan 7th. We’ve already made our dinner reservation and are looking forward to great food, drinks, and conversation.

Warmest regards for best wishes for the holiday season. Alison

Sep 21, 2015Douglass

Hi Amber, ….it was my pleasure. Only request would be to make sure you contact me and give me a big hug when you’re at Cuba’s Cookin’ next. Sorry I don’t eat meat or I would join you.
All the best,

Sep 17, 2015Amber

Douglass, I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how thankful I am for that recipe. It tasted exactly as we remembered it. I’ve always been amazed at how the taste of a certain dish can evoke the memories of a particular time in our lives. I’ll be making it again on Sunday, when the rest of my family comes over for dinner, and although my mom can’t be with us, we’ll always have those memories. You have my deepest gratitude, and we look forward to being there again!
Much thanks,

Sep 15, 2015Douglass

Hi Amber,
I spoke to my chef and here’s a go at it;
Lechon Creollo Asado.
For 10 +/- lbs pork: 10 garlic fingers, 1 cup orange juice, 1/2 cup lemon juice, salt & black pepper to taste & 1 teaspoon of cumin.
Marinate for 6 hours. Place in oven for 275 degrees for 2 hours and then raise temperature to 350 for final 1 1/2 hours more or less depending on size of pork.
After take the juice in the pan and make a gravy with it by putting it in a blender first.
That’s it good luck and let me know how it goes.
Kind regards,

Sep 14, 2015Amber

Hi, Douglass,
My family tries to visit Aruba at least once a year, and Cuba’s Cookin’ became a family tradition during year #1. There’s nothing like being with your family and enjoying wonderful conversation and wonderful food in a wonderful atmosphere. Those are things that I will never again take for granted, after losing my mother to cancer earlier this year. She loved Cuba’s Cookin’, and we have many wonderful memories there! The lechon carrillo asado is unbelievable! While I’d completely understand if you can’t share the recipe, maybe you’d be so kind as to share the key ingredients, so that I might have a fighting chance! I would love to be able to make a dish that’s close enough, for the times that we can’t experience the original. Thank you.

Jul 23, 2015Douglass

Hi Nadine,
We have a whole new menu indicating gluten free and vegan. many yummy things for you to eat for sure.
Cuba’s Cookin’

Jul 20, 2015Nadine Vantine-Kelley

We will be in Aruba this Friday. We’ve been coming to Cuba’s Cookin since 2007. Our daughter has celiac disease, gluten free allergy. Will you be able to help her? Your restaurant is her favorite on the island, but she’s recently found out she can’t eat anything with gluten. Can’t wait to see you all!

Jul 9, 2015Caryn & Bruce Shifrin

We start our journey back to Aruba in 24 hours. 3 hr drive to Lax, then air. Arrive Sat midday. Looking forward to being back (this time for three weeks). The best meals and entertainment is always at Cuba’s Cookin’. Been traveling to the island nearly 30 years.

Feb 10, 2015Sorush Batmangelich

We dined at your restaurant on January 31, 2015 during our visit to Aruba.
The service and cuisine was superb.
It also coincided with my wife’s birthday and the courtesy extended was nice.
Also had a chance to talk with the owner, Douglass Markus who was very gracious and welcoming.

Sorush Batmangelich & Marilyn Weisberg

Jan 16, 2015art

enjoyed drinks and lunch everyday and Denise was outstanding

Jan 13, 2015Jacqueline Bielicki

I had the best picadillo at the end of December, 2014. I have to find a recipe to at least copy it. My husband had grouper, my daughter had grilled garlic shrimp and my son in law had ribs. It was one of our best meals in the 2 weeks we were there. Would highly recommend. The black beans and rice were also great.

Dec 24, 2014Douglass

Hi Ilene….We’ll be here.

Dec 23, 2014Ilene Trachtenberg

We’ll be coming to Aruba early Jan. Hope to see you then.

May 18, 2014Caryn and Bruce Shifrin

Hi Douglass,
Hope you and all the folks at Cuba’s Cookin’ are doing well. We will be back in Aruba the mid two weeks in July and plan to be at your place at least a couple of time. My accident last year prevented us from back for dinner the second week. All is well for us and we look forward to this July. Anything new we need to look out for?? Saw the new items on the menu posted as well as the expanded music and dance fri and sat night. Muy Bueno.

Warm regards,
Caryn and Bruce

May 9, 2014Debra Macaluso

Been going to Aruba for 8 years and just found Cuba’s cooking June of 2013! headed back in Sept. 2014 and can’t wait to go back. The food is excellent as is the service and the staff!

Mar 18, 2014Curt

8 vacations to Aruba and 10 trips to Cuba’s Cookin… Always a good time, friendly staff and excellent food. Looking forward to next visit!

Feb 20, 2014Alison Harris Mayas

Hi, Doug –

Very, very long time since Jean-Marie and I have seen or talked to you. Hope all is well with you and yours. Our very good friends (the Spencers) will be in Aruba next week, and I’m recommending Cuba’s Cookin’ and that they meet you if you’ll be on island.
Warmest regards, Alison

Feb 12, 2014Brian and Trinity Smith

My wife and I saw an ad in the Nighttimes magazine
and had lunch last saturday. We enjoyed everything
about our experience: the food, service, decor and
music was sublime. One of our favorite moments from
our visit to Aruba. Hopefully someday we can take our
son to Cuba!

Nov 6, 2013Dave and Carole Stephenson

Ahoy Douglas,
In the 8 years we’ve been visiting Aruba we have never missed a visit to Cuba Cooking. The music is great, the mojitos the best and the atmosphere warm and inviting. Doug, keep up the great work and we love the new location. Its much easier to find you now after a few rum drinks.
Regards and see you December 17th.
Dave and Carole

Jun 16, 2013Lisa Heinz

I ate there recently while on the ATEX 2013 trip put on by the Aruba Tourism Authority, this was AWESOME Cuban food. I would like the recipe for the Habenaro hot sauce we had with our chips, please share!! :)


May 20, 2013Bruce Shifrin

Hi Douglass,

Good to hear back from you. Hopefully folks will take the trolley to ease up on the traffic that has built up over the past years. Hopefully the work is not disrupting downtown business too much. Way to much focus has been on building up the businesses in the Hi RIse area over the downtown. Maybe the Trolley will revitalize downtown.

We are really looking to be back in Aruba.

Is the group Son Cubana made up of Ramon and Sky? and have you heard from “La Flacka”.

Best regards

May 13, 2013Douglass

Hi Bruce & Caryn,
How are you both? There is really not a whole lot to report especially in the restaurant department- and for that matter in any other department. Everything is pretty status quo in terms of any growth here. We’ll see you in July when you’ll have a chance to see for yourself discounting all of downtown being torn up for the new trolly car.
Warm regards,

May 12, 2013Bruce Shifrin

Hi Douglass,

Hope you, your family and the staff at Cuba’s Cookin are all doing well. Caryn and I will be returning to Aruba in mid July for to weeks and look forward to coming back to Cuba’s Cookin for the best food and entertainment on the island. We missed coming last year. I retired and we moved to our new home in La Quinta California (near Palm Springs). Having a great time and looking to Aruba to cool off (last year the high temp was 120 degrees F in July/August).

Since you are the expert in Aruba, with your tourist publications, can you make any recommendations regarding anything new over the past two years.

Thanks and best to all of you

Caryn and Bruce Shifrin

May 6, 2013Susan

My husband and I were at your restaurant on Saturday night (May 4, 2013) and we absolutely loved it!

We liked the live music and loved the food! My husband Doug had the garlic shrimp and a fantastic salad. I had the stuffed pork which was out of this world! I hope we get to come back to Aruba soon ( We are from NY) and when we do, we will surely be back to Cuba’s Cookin!

Feb 27, 2013Douglass

The woman’s photos are all pretty much in the new joint. Going across the street is now going upstairs. Only ice we got is in the mojitos! See you soon.

Feb 27, 2013Jane

Hi Doug, Congrats on your new place. Looks fabulous but where are the pictures of the naked women? I’ll miss going outside across the street to use the ladies room! Thanks for introducing me to Mojitos. I’m coming down to see you as soon as I can. My feet are frozen into the snow and ice here in Maine!

Jan 22, 2013Sam Gore

We come to Aruba every year and have NEVER been withour a trip to Cubas Cookin. Whether it be a family trip or just my wife and I, we always go! Great food, music and memories!

Dec 28, 2012Bob Forte

Have been to your restaurant every time we’re in Aruba! I tell all my friends to go there!

Dec 18, 2012Mark

My favorite meal in the world is Cuba’s Cookin Stuffed Pork. Is there anyway you could possibly send me the recipe?! PLEASE!

Oct 25, 2012Sunanda

Visiting Aruba is always a pleasure and some of my best memories are dining at Cuba’s Cookin’!! Great food, great ambiance, great music and lots of FUN…

Thank you Cuba’s Cookin’

Jun 13, 2012FRANK COHEN

It’s been four l-o-n-g years since our last visit to Aruba…and boy, did we miss CUBA’S COOKING. We will be back for a week as of October 3rd and we are planning at least one night with you.

We cant get to Cuba but this is a close second!
See you soon!

Frank and Sandy Cohen

Apr 11, 2012Bryan


See you in just three short weeks. Looking for the dance … again.


Feb 7, 2012Dara

Hi Douglass,
Just wanted you to know that we really enjoyed our dinner at your restaurant last week. The new location is beautiful, although I do miss the writing on the walls :-) We wrote you a great review on TripAdvisor. I’m already looking forward to my trip back next year.


Dec 2, 2011Bernie

Atmosphere is great – service was terrific and the food was absolutely divine – I want another serving of their stuffed roast pork. I could not even find a comparable recipe on the internet to make it at home – so sad! Can’t wait to get back there. It is a “go to” must.

Nov 28, 2011Patty

Cannot visit Aruba without a visit to Cuba’s Cookin. Looking forward to seeing you in Dec. in your new location. Bringing new people to find out what a wonderful restaurant you have. Although we really miss Jessie.

Nov 26, 2011Jean from Lake Ariel

Can’t wait to see you in your new location! Best cuban food ever!!!

Nov 9, 2011Fernando Pinell

Best Chicken soup EVER!!!!! The only thing I miss from Aruba!!!!!

Oct 28, 2011Corey/ Delta Airlines


I am writing on the behalf of Delta Air Lines EMBARK Travel Guide. I’m sourcing images for the section on Aruba and Cuba’s Cookin’ included as a must-visit location. I hope that you may be able to provide a few high-resolution images that can be included in our guide. Please send to my attention at your earliest convenience or contact me with any questions.

Thank you for your assistance and best wishes,

Corey Callahan

Delta Embark Travel Guide / Photo Researcher
Published by MSP Communications
220 South 6th Street, Suite 500
Minneapolis, MN 55402
W: 612.339.7517

Aug 9, 2011Sam

What a fantastic place- we’ve been to Cuba twice and this place is just as good!Great food, even better entertainment- hello to Jessy and Ramon, see you next August.

Andrew, Lisa and India from England

Aug 9, 2011Dominic

My wife & I went to Aruba for our honeymoon last monthand ate at your restaurant 3 nights in a row – we loved it so much. The food was amazing and the service excellent. Thank you so much for making our honeymoon extra special.

Aug 3, 2011Margaret McCloskey

My husband and I travel to Aruba (with our 2yr. old son) at least twice a yr, and we ALWAYS make it a point to eat at Cubas Cookin. The food is AMAZING-the service is friendly and the atmosphere is super comfortable- our son gets to sing, dance and play instruments with the band, while mommy and daddy enjoy delicious mojitos :)

Jul 20, 2011Crystal Panag

My husband & I were just in Aruba for our honeymoon and Cuba’s Cookin was on our “must eat at” list. We ate there on our 3rd night and it was one of the best meals we had! Great environment! We hope to come again!

Jul 19, 2011Stephen Troy

Can’t wait to get back to one of the most delightful restaurants on the Island. One of the best. Good luck Douglass on your move. See you in August.

Jun 22, 2011Bruce Shifrin

Looking forward to coming back to Aruba a Cuba’s Cookin’ – the best experience on the island. We come back every two years for a few weeks (and multiple visits to Cuba’s Cookin’).

Jun 11, 2011Jerry York

just spend first week in June in Aruba…Midnighter still the TOPS!!…Douglass, I anticipate your move will be a grand success, and you will keep things awesome, as always…looking forward to next visit, and your new digs……Jerry

Mar 16, 2011David and Jen Logsdon

One of the best meals we’ve ever had, regardless of city or country! Absolutely lovely!!!

Jan 14, 2011Rob Friedman

We return to Aruba for the 22nd year, and since it’s been open, we haven’t missed at least one night in Douglass’s fantastic dining spot. Best Mojitos in the Western Hemisphere and m-m-m the menu!

Oct 4, 2010Bryan

Nothing says “Thanksgiving” more than a hand-muddled mojito. See you then.

Aug 22, 2010George Rivero

Being from Dallas, my wife and I experience great food and service on a daily basis. We ate @ Cuba’s twice while in Aruba because the food, atmosphere and service were so good. Five star restaurant. The chicken and olives entree was unbelievable. Any possibility of e-mailing me the recipe? I’m willing to pay for the recipe!

Jul 8, 2010Bill

We were at Cuba’s in July of 2007, and it was one of the most fun meals of any island trip that we have been on. And the food was great!

Apr 30, 2010Michael & Maureen Price

Will be arriving May 5th. Be visiting with our friends Ben & Gilda from N.Y. All can’t wait for awesome food, dancing, and the MOJITO’S!!!!!!!

Michael & Maureen

Feb 20, 2010Gilberto Rivera

Stay in Aruba for a week and I ate at your place three days out of the week I was…I will be traveling the week of May6,2010 hopefully I been eatting there…..Gilberto

Feb 17, 2010Amber Pursley

We came to your restaraunt in 2007 while on our honeymooon. We loved it so much we ate there twice while we were there. We just booked a cruise and one of our stops is Aruba in March 2011 and my husband and I already said we are for sure having dinner at your place while we are there!! Love the atmosphere, food, and entertainment. Cant wait to see you in 2011!!!

Feb 2, 2010Jen Pasquarello

My sister and I visited you reasturant 4/6 nights while we wrer in Aruba. It was so so yummy. I have been trying different “chicken and olive” recipes that I have found on the web- NONE have compared. You gave me a devilish smile when I asked for the recipe my last night there, was that maybe a yes??? Role it around and email me back- I will be excitedly waiting for your response !!! Thanks again for multiple amazing dinning experiences. Dawn and Jen

Jan 31, 2010Melissa Matthews

1/20/2010 was our seventh time at Cuba’s Cookin’ and as usual it was absolutely delicious! We look forward to this meal all year long. It is by far the most authentic Cuban restaurant I’ve ever been to. I particularly love the spiced pork bites and would be eternally grateful for the recipe!!!

Nov 7, 2009Paula

Douglas, Colly, Rhina, Yanina y toda la gente querida de Cuba s Cookin…los extraño muchisimo ! Creo que el año proximo Jesus, las niñas y yo nos instalaremos definitivamente en Aruba. Quiero verlos! Mandenme sus e mails asi nos comunicamos .Cuba s cooking is the best restaurant Ever!!! Music, enertainment…. it has it all Love from Argentina!!!!!! PAULA

Nov 1, 2009Bryan

I’m back. See you for Thanksgiving dinner.

Sep 12, 2009Jerry York

On Sept 08, 2009, my wife Sandy and I found ourselves once again soaking up the experience that is Cuba’s Cookin’…the historic building, the individual rooms that provide a virtual color-slide of technicolor images that leaves me, at least, awestruck…the food, the art, the over-all feeling of being in another time and place…I mean, for god’s sake, this place would be a hit IN Cuba..thanks again, wishing I was still there, but looking forward as always……PS, the Midnighter is still the best sandwich in the world….Jerry

Apr 3, 2009Tamara

Hello Douglass,

A month ago I was at Aruba and I had a wonderfull diner in your restaurant.

There were some great paintings on the wall!

Is it possible to buy one of them?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Greetings from Tamara (the Netherlands)

Feb 22, 2009Bryan


See you in 69 days.


Jan 17, 2009Abraham Del Villar

Hi Gianny, this is not the best way to send you a message, But I need to talk with you. Please let me know if it is posible.

Dec 1, 2008Dave Walsh

Great new menu…food better than ever if that’s possible. We were in Aruba for a week and went to Cuba’s Cookin 5 out of 7 nights. That good! Best entertainment on the island, made our nights complete. Great value. We can’t wait to come back… Thank’s Jessie.

Oct 21, 2008Dave Billet

There is no other place in Aruba but Cuba’s Cookin’ where you can get the real deal Mojito. Everywhere else is a joke. Also best live Cuban music…love you Jessy & the wait staff are the best. You all made our vacation super!!!

Oct 4, 2008Donald York

Oct 01, 2008 I got my bi-yearly fix of the Midnighter sandwich….this is by far, the best sandwich in the world!….great, great place to eat, and enjoy life…outstanding service, and according to my wife (who knows these things), the cleanest restaurant she has ever seen! Now, you would have to know her to appreciate this comment..I simply love it for just being there..not just the food, it’s the entire experience… never change.

Jun 3, 2008Carol Bedford

We had a wonderful time in May at your restaurant and can’t wait to come back to Aruba. Jessie was terrific – dancing around even with her broken ankle. I have a great picture to send you – please let me know what email address to send it to.

Jun 1, 2008Holly Branthoover

It was our first trip to Aruba. We loved Cubas Cookin and will definitely return when we come back to Aruba. The Ropa Vieja was excellent. We recommend it! Great place.

Mar 12, 2008Carlyle Edwards

Just returned from Aruba. Visiting Cuba’s Cookin’ restaurant was the highlight of our visit. We enjoyed some of the best dancing ever, dancing to the best latin group on the island.

The service was outstanding and the food was excellent. Would recommend Cuba’s Cookin’ as the “IN” place to be when visiting Aruba.

Just like us, we witnessed several guests returning for repeat visits to the restaurant. It was that good.

Don’t miss Cuba’s Cookin’ while in Aruba.


Dec 31, 2007Nicholas

We are staying at the Marriott Surf Club. I dream about your resturant all year. I cant wait to get there and eat chicken with olives. It is the best dish in the world. See ya soon. Save me a mojito…

Dec 3, 2007Jona

Love love love this place! every year when I return to the island, this is the place to be! see you next year!

Aug 29, 2007Andrew Lodge

What a fantastic place- we’ve been to Cuba twice and this place is just as good!Great food, even better entertainment – hello to Jessy and Ramon, see you next August.

Andrew, Lisa and India from England

Jul 7, 2007El Chino

great times… love the music, good hospitality… see you in two months…

Apr 21, 2007Jenny & Brian

A great nite of Food, Drinks & Entertainment. Can’t wait till we come back next April. Love all ya Guys.

Mar 25, 2007Lou & Cheryl

Have been numerous times & it’s a better evening of food, drinks & entertainment every time. Can wait till we go back the first two weeks of April. We love ya Selena!!!

Feb 25, 2007joe and ellen

Just as all the other reviews state, this is the most fun restaraunt in Aruba including wonderful food drinks and the best entertainment on the island!! We love it and come back as often as possible.

Jan 2, 2007Miho & Eiichi

We loved this restaurant. The food was very fresh and tastey! The art was fabulous! We visited twice while we were in Aruba this past December. Planning another trip to Aruba this year (’07) and will definitely go back.

Dec 23, 2006Janice Fuller

We visted your resturant last year and again this year! It was one of the friendliest places we’ve been to. The food was great and the entertainment was wonderful. Everyone seemed to remember us from the year before! I loved the girls Cuban attire. See you again next year.

Nov 8, 2006Deb P.

Cuba’s Cooking is a must! Best food, mango mojitos, beautiful artwork, fun, friendliest staff on the island and great entertainment (best singer around hand’s down – Yessy, mi dushi!).

Pleasure to come back to after 3 yrs and hope to visit again asap!

Muchas Gracias!

Aug 29, 2006Kimberly S.


I wanted you to know that we had a FABULOUS Time at your restaurant. Your singer is just wonderful. Our kids were entertained and the food was great.

Thanks again for such a great time and we will see you next year!!

Thank you.

Aug 29, 2006randi r.

Hi Douglass,

I know that it’s been a long time since Lindsay and myself were there on June 23rd for our rehersal dinner, but honeymoon, moving etc has stretched this out, but we just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t tell you how many compliments we got from our guests about the quality of entertainment, service and ESPECIALLY the food. Oh my God was that good stuff. I can’t wait to come back next year. You have made it onto the list of recurring places to go when visiting Aruba. :-) On our honeymoon in Vegas, we met a bachelorette party and told the bride to be about it and sent them all of your info. Anyway, thanks again and good luck with everything.

Chris and Lindsay

Aug 10, 2006Randi Bunter

After six years of visiting Aruba we finally found Cuba’s Cookin’ What a wonderful, fun, delicious experience. Thanks for a memerable Aruban night – great food, fun music, & eye fulls of wonderful art.

Jul 24, 2006dave melon

Over the top music service, food & ambience. Thanks.

Jul 24, 2006Samantha

Loved this place!

Feb 3, 2006Amanda Hawkinson

Talk about delicious food! Everything we ordered was great. Great people, great food and great music. Went there for Valentines Day dinner. My husband thoroughly enjoyed the lady singer. The art work on the wall is fabulous. So bright and colorful. We can’t wait to come back to Aruba with our friends. Thank you so much for making our vacation extra special.

Jan 25, 2006Joe Vespucci

What can I say? Another trip back to Aruba and yet another highlight dinner at CUBA’S COOKIN’! Best food and value on the island! Thanks for making dining so special!

Jan 18, 2006Marc McGovern

We just got home after our second wonderful trip to Aruba. And, while on vacation, we made our second trip to Cuba’s Cookin’! I absolutly love this place. The food, atmosphere and music are all amazing! This time we were lucky enough to get a table right by the music. Jessi (spelling), the singer, is so much fun. She made members of our group get up and dance and sing with her. It was such a great time.

I am getting married in Aruba in January 2007. So we will definately be making another trip back to Cuba’s Cookin’. Just curious, does Jessi and the other musicians play for weddings?? If so, I would be very interested..

See you next year!


Jan 12, 2006Fodors

Locals (restaurateurs among them) agree that the food here is “authentic ethnic.” When you enter this old cunucu, head straight for the bar to order a mojito, a tasty mixture of light rum, sugar, mint, and soda. Afterward you can unwind in the art-filled dining room before digging into a truly Cuban dish such as ropa vieja, which, translated literally, means “old clothes.” It’s actually a sautéed skirt steak done to perfection. There’s live music nightly at this restaurant, which participates in AGA’s dine-around program.

Jan 5, 2006Rick Zelna

Reviewed By kboyk2, posted on Friday, 15 July 2005
Good food, very nice people and great entertainment. Very reasonable prices.
Food was so good, we went twice for dinner
A must visit while in Aruba!

Dec 27, 2005Charles Croes

Cubas Cookin is a great place to go especially if you are looking for something different. Waiters will tend to laugh alot and joke with you. The duo might stand up and walk over to your table. Everything is just a bit different.

The owner of Cubas Cookin is Mr. Douglas Markus. He is the Editor for Aruba NIghts and he and his ex-wife have a great looking little kid that plays with mine alot. Douglas is a good guy and makes his place happen.

I recommend it for the food, especially the “Ropa Vieja” and for the Ambiance.

Good place to go


Dec 27, 2005Brian Bridzilla

Real fun place…food is good..casual stuff-we have been for lunch and dinner…@ nite it is alot of fun…with “music”…try it you’ll like it….we sure did

Nov 2, 2005Judi Hern

We visted your resturant last year and again this year! It was one of the friendliest places we’ve been to. The food was great and the entertainment was wonderful. La Flaca seemed to remember us from the year before! I loved the girls Cuban attire. See you again next year.

Jul 26, 2005Clare

I was at your restaurant a couple years ago.. and I still recount my story, of standing outside wondering if we should go in.Having the BEST chiken soup, ever… and salsa/hot sauce… We came back the next day for the salsa/hot sauce. I would ration it out sparingly, until a roommate threw it OUT!! I want more.. I love the stuff.. How do I get more!!! Thank you!!

Jun 15, 2005Justin & Kate

My wife & I went to Aruba for our honeymoon last monthand ate at your restaurant 3 nights in a row – we loved it so much. The food was amazing and the service excellent. Thank you so much for making our honeymoon extra special.

Apr 4, 2005Brian E.

Cuba’s Cookin’!!!
It’s one of the best places we ate. We went there for lunch. They close for lunch at 2:30p and reopen for dinner, it;s downtown. Awesome place, great pictures on the wall and great food! Be sure to get the mojito drink! Very refreshing! The food and service was one of the best we had while in Aruba! We had plantains, yucca and cuban sandwiches, YUM,YUM! They have entertainment at night, we missed that ubfortunately! It’s right across from the polis station, a few blocks from the Renissance Hotel.

Mar 29, 2005Eric Gemelli

I wanted to drop you a short note of appreciation for an excellent dinner. The friend that dined with me has been to over a dozen Cuban restaurants, mostly in Miami, and said your food was the best he’d ever had. I thoroughly enjoyed the meal as well. The music was excellent and the service was friendly. You can count on getting a hearty recommendation.

I recommended Cubascooking to several people and told them to tell you the writer sent them. I hope they followed through.

Thank you again for a pleasant evening,

Eric Gemelli

Mar 21, 2005Jan Schwenke

Hello, This morning, we made an impulsive plan to return to Aruba for a visit in early July. As we talked about the things that we were looking forward to doing again on this trip, eating at Cuba’s Cookin’ popped out of our mouths at the same time. I am so happy to find that you are “still there” and am looking forward to enjoying dining in your wonderful restaurant again. Just thought that you’ll like to know that Cuba’s Cookin’ was one of the things at the top of our list of reasons to return to Aruba! Best regards, Jan

Feb 13, 2005Christine

Thanks for the inspiration. The music, the culture and the food wonderful. Havin a ‘Buena Vista’ valentine’s meal this year – if only we lived a little closer…

Jan 4, 2005Steve

Looking forward to Cuba Cookin this year.